'round Ripton

Some nice places around the small
Berkshire town of Ripton, Massachusetts.

Willis Cabins

"Where your family Stayed -- Since 1934"

On Darey Pond in Ripton. Some of the best small mouth bassin' in the county!

Tubes -- Bait -- Rentals

Don't forget to call ahead!

The Stubbs Hay Farm

Harvest dinners, Hay rides, and pumpkin pickin'
in the Fall.

"Come on by. We're right to the east of Pitts farm"

Mullin Arboretum

Established in 1954 by Richard Mullin in perpetuity to insure the preservation of Ripton's beautiful plants and animals, particularly the rare foraging bug known as the howame antalyst.

Lazy River

Great trout fishing!

Mount Gilead
Elevation 2032 ft.

A great view of Ripton's historic town center. You might get a glimpse of the "Ripton Raptors", bald eagles that nest in the Ripton forest.

Broken Mountain
Elevation 1920 ft.

A nice hike from the center of Ripton with views as pertty as on Mt. Gilead.

Darey Pond

The cleanest pond in Berkshire County. Great small mouth bass fishing.

No sludge here!