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Home Page Letter of Complaint
Subject: Lack of Law Enforcement
To: Board of Selectmen
From: Charles Dirring
Date: June 21, 1997
Location: Town of Billerica, Massachusetts

                                        86 Alexander Road
                                        Billerica Massachusetts  01821
                                        June 21, 1997 
Billerica Board of Selectmen
365 Boston Road
Billerica, Massachusetts 01821

Dear Mr. Chairman:

Engineering Lift Truck Service has continued, over the last eight years, 
to operate in a fashion inconsistent with the sate and local laws, by-laws 
and regulations.  Attached are recent materials that document this problem.

The office of the Building Inspector has been totally ineffective in
resolving this matter. 

Would you please place this matter before the entire Board of Selectmen 
for a vote to cause an investigation to commence with a goal to remedy 
these problems.

I would appreciate being apprised, on a monthly basis, in writing, of: 
 1) The actions of the Board of Selectmen, 
 2) The progress of any potential investigation, and 
 3) The substance of the remedial actions taken.

I may be reached at (508) [deleted for privacy] with any questions that 
you may have.

Thank you for your attention in this matter. 

                             Charles Dirring

Home Page Response to Letter of Complaint
Subject: Lack of Law Enforcement
To: Charles Dirring
From: Board of Selectmen
Date: No Response Provided
Location: Town of Billerica, Massachusetts


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